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How (And Why) To Go From Flat To Pitched

08th Dec 2020. 11:56 am

Why convert a flat roof to pitched? Discover the benefits and the steps needed to convert your system with this article from BMI UK & Ireland.

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We’re up there with you

31st Jul 2020. 8:58 am

We understand this is a difficult time for roofers, but if anyone knows how to weather a storm it’s you.

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Problem-solving showcase: Pitched roof refurbishment

10th Jul 2020. 4:32 pm

Pitched roofs are beautiful and durable, designed to withstand the elements and keep a building safe.

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Top 5 Benefits of Green Roofs

16th Jun 2020. 11:45 am

In a world that is constantly facing sustainability-related challenges, the building industry often remains a few steps behind. Green roofs have ‘been around’ for centuries, with the ancient Babylonian civilisation sporting the hanging gardens of Babylon, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

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Sutton Academy

05th Jun 2020. 6:16 pm

Faster, lighter, durable metal roof system solutions for low pitched roofs.

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Heathrow Vortex

05th Jun 2020. 5:39 pm

Compact, secure, interlocking tile for vortex refurbishment

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Menai Science Parc

05th Jun 2020. 1:03 pm

Bespoke single-ply solution achieves Breeam Excellent rating and best new build

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What is bitumen roofing?

05th Jun 2020. 12:51 pm

Bitumen appears as a sticky black substance that is predominantly used for paving, roads and as a flat roofing membrane and waterproofing. Bitumen has a long history in the world of construction and has been used as far back as the 13th century. In fact 80% of bitumen across the world is used in the construction industry one way or another.

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How to felt a flat roof

05th Jun 2020. 12:34 pm

Reinforced bitumen membranes, built-up-felt-roofing, bituminous membranes are some of the ways roofing felts are often described. This type of roofing is often composed of multiple layers of membrane.

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Hattersley Health Centre

05th Jun 2020. 12:19 pm

Depolluting flat roof system for NHS Healthcare facility

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How are clay roof tiles made?

05th Jun 2020. 12:06 pm

Clay roof tiles have a long and storied history, dating back to the Roman occupation of England. They are an enduring feature in the UK, still used today and relied on for their aesthetics and performance as a roofing material.

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Crowngate Apartments

05th Jun 2020. 11:43 am

A Logistically complex project to replace and upgrade the pitched and flat roofing systems on Crowngate Apartments in Birmingham’s city centre. The building is home to 180 tenants who remained in residence throughout the project.

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Cambrian Burgh Island

04th Jun 2020. 10:48 am

Wild and unpredictable weather in this coastal location required a robust tile that could be installed on a low pitch roof and withstand the elements, when it came to refurbishing this clifftop property.

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What are the Benefits of Lightweight Metal Roofing

27th May 2020. 5:00 pm

If you’re looking for alternatives to traditional roofing materials that offer versatile and economical advantages, lightweight metal roof tiles may provide the perfect solution for your project.

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Suitable roof tiles for a low pitch roof

27th May 2020. 4:48 pm

Roof pitches across the UK can vary from very low pitches of 12° and 15°, upto 70°, the most common type of roof pitch will be at an angle of 40-50°.

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A Guide To Roof Shapes & Roof Types In The UK

27th May 2020. 3:42 pm

The United Kingdom has a vast and storied architectural history, with influences drawn from across the globe and style influenced by society, royal eras, regions and more.

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Drossie Road

26th May 2020. 4:08 pm

Pitched roofing solution for budget and time constrained residential refurbishment

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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

26th May 2020. 3:49 pm

Pitched roofing award winner 2019 for complex period property

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The Gables

26th May 2020. 12:53 pm

Heritage pitched roof solution for complex victorian roof design

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Stewart Fleming School

26th May 2020. 12:05 pm

Robust flat roof repurposed into recreational space for pupils

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Heathrow Terminal Three

22nd May 2020. 12:52 pm

As an international airport operating 24/7, Heathrow required that all works were carried out without any impact to passengers. This effected the choice of materials, organisation of personnel and the logistics of getting staff and materials on and off-site.

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Are Blue Roofs The Answer To Stormwater Runoff?

22nd May 2020. 11:59 am

Green Roofs offer the chance to create natural spaces in the sky, improving air quality, biodiversity and well-being for building users.

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Concrete Tile History & Heritage

22nd May 2020. 11:44 am

Since the early days of roofing, material innovations have helped drive advancements in housing for civilisations that included Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt.

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SBS Vs APP Roofing Explained

22nd May 2020. 11:26 am

Not all bitumen is created equally. The original discovery of bitumen made from oil in ancient times means that it has been used in roads and roofing for thousands of years.

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What Is A Liquid Waterproofing Membrane?

22nd May 2020. 10:57 am

Liquid waterproofing systems provide perhaps the most cost-efficient means of waterproofing a flat roof on the market.

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We’re up there with you: resources for roofers

31st Jan 2020. 11:40 am

The disruption caused by COVID-19 has affected businesses across the country and has heavily disrupted the roofing industry. At BMI UK & Ireland, we are making a firm commitment to roofers with a clear message: we are up there with you.

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