Cambrian Burgh Island

Project name: Burgh Island
Architect: Van Ellen Sheryn
Sub contractor: B&C Roofing
Solution: BMI Redland Cambrian Slate & BMI Redland SpecMaster

Wild and unpredictable weather in this coastal location required a robust tile that could be installed on a low pitch roof and withstand the elements, when it came to refurbishing this clifftop property.

Robustness with a three-point fixing system

The existing roof of Burgh island hotel showed signs of disrepair, leading to a £2 million renovation of the hotel apartment blocks.

BMI Redland Cambrian Slate was chosen as it could be installed on pitches as low as 15°, and it was aesthetically pleasing, embodying the beauty and character of natural slate.

Gale force winds, wind-driven rain and sea spray are common occurrences on the Devon coastline and this presented challenges for the project.

The three-point fixing system of the Cambrian Slate is what stood out for us. By securing both the top and bottom of the tile it creates a very strong fixing. In this area, a lot of natural slate tiles are being blown up and snapped by the strong wind and so having a product like Cambrian Slate that fixes so securely really fits the part and gave me the confidence I needed Architect Eilir Sheryn from van Ellen Sheryn

Reassurance with the BMI Redland SpecMaster service

The Architect chose to use the BMI Redland SpecMaster service for added reassurance. The comprehensive service provides specifications for slates, tiles, fittings, accessories, fixings, ventilation, underlay and battens, and when the specification is fully complied with, the project is covered with a 15 year design liability SpecMaster Guarantee.

The beauty of natural slate in a large format interlocking tile

Made from over 60% recycled Welsh Slate, Cambrian tops the range in both looks and performance. Cambrian’s unique three-point fixing makes it suitable for even the most exposed sites. It also achieves a double lapped appearance from an interlocking single lap product, which leads to cost efficiencies at installation.

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Cambrian Burgh Island