Problem-solving showcase: Pitched roof refurbishment

Pitched roofs are beautiful and durable, designed to withstand the elements and keep a building safe. A pitched roof has great longevity but when the roof reaches the end of its life it’s  important to consider the following factors.. The heritage of the roof and previous materials used, the wider environment and how this could affect the roofing solution chosen, effective systems for low pitched roofs and cost effectiveness.

At BMI UK & Ireland we’ve become experts when it comes to pitched roof refurbishment projects. We are able to quickly identify the problem, come up with a solution and assign the right materials to make the project succeed. The following examples all serve to illustrate the benefits of a well-planned pitched roof refurbishment project.

Styling Edwardian tiles at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

This school’s original Edwardian tiled roof was damaged by a fire, which brought a great degree of distress considering the historical importance and aesthetic prestige of the roof. Featuring several turrets, dormer windows and other decorative elements, it has striking visual impact. We worked closely with the roofing contractor to recommend the perfect solution for the project. BMI Redland Rosemary Clay Classic in Red was selected to replicate the Edwardian style, whilst also providing added fire-resistance. The project itself came with many challenges – which you can find out more about here

Dealing with pitch at Sutton Academy

The roof at Sutton academy had reached the end of its service life and had begun to fail, which necessitated a quick and effective replacement. The roof itself was at a pitch as low as 14 degrees and used concrete tiles – so any replacement technology had to support low pitches and be able to blend in or replicate the look of the other concrete tiles. BMI AeroDek allowed for a fast-install – with just 139 tiles needed for a typical 65m2 roof compared to 631 concrete ones. Read more

Battling the coast At Burgh Island

Coastal weather posed unique challenges for this roof on the Burgh Island hotel, which was falling into disrepair. The roof itself was subject to extreme weather conditions and also required a low pitch solution that could withstand the wild and unpredictable coastal weather. The architect chose BMI SpecMaster to help provide specification assistance and warranty – specifying Cambrian Slate for its natural aesthetics and hard wearing durability. Learn more

Cost-efficient heritage at Drossie Road

When working on an extension for the residential bungalow, the architect required a tile that respected the look of a period tile yet also provided a cost effective solution with modern performance benefits. Leveraging modern manufacturing techniques, the BMI Redland DuoPlain tile in Rustic Red offers a cost-effective means of respecting original character tiles without the same associated labour and material requirements. Find out more

Repairing damage at Heathrow Vortex

Heathrow Airport’s vortex effect is caused by low-flying aircraft, damaging roof tiles which can be pulled clear off a home by the force of a landing plane. Heathrow offered replacement roofs whenever vortex strikes occur. The chosen solution for the replacement roofs was the BMI Redland 49 chosen for its strength and durability. Fixed with both clip and nail, Redland 49 is both easy to install and extremely durable. Learn more

Whatever your challenge, whatever your roof style, there’s a pitched solution that will help bring it back to life. We are experts in pitched roof refurbishment, so get in touch today and benefit from our specialist expertise across multiple roofing technologies, always seeking to find the right solution specifically for your project requirements.


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Problem-solving showcase: Pitched roof refurbishment